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About us

Manufacturer of Loom Control System and Panels.
Rudratex is the manufacturer of heavy duty control panels for textile industries. We provide panels for plain looms and rapier looms.
Also we provide rapier kit under subsidy facility. Our panel works better in all conditions.
Our presence in this industry has helped us acquire expertise in producing high-end control panels. Since our inception, our main focal point is the satisfaction of our customers which we strive to achieve by delivering excellent products and services.
Our strength lies in our manufacturing capabilities; using high-end technologies we have been able to produce qualitative range as per the requirements of our clients. Our plant is equipped with all the requisite tools and machines needed to develop high standard Control panels.
We have recruited skilled technicians to supervise our manufacturing process to ensure an error free production. Our control panels are strong, durable and excellent in performance. They stop the loom right in time and prevent the cloth from getting damaged because of yarn break and thus increase the productivity of the weavers. The panel provides efficient braking systems for an emergency stop.

Our Goals

  • In every textile industries there must be presence of Rudratex panels under working.
  • We work for textile industries and growing textile industries automations.
  • We provide cost effective best quality services.
  • Till date we fixed five hundred+ panels in different looms with satisfaction of all customers.

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